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Unit 1 Math Study Guide

Math Review Study Sheet Unit 1


Vocabulary Terms to Know

rectangular array



factor pair

even number

odd number

prime number

composite number

prime factorization

square number


square root

exponential notation

Concepts to Understand

  • Arrays

  • Factor Pairs

  • Rules of Divisibility

  • Prime and Composite Numbers

  • Square Numbers and use of exponents

  • Square Roots

  • Prime Factorization

Resources to Help You Study

ü      Everyday Mathematics Student Reference Book (hardback – each student has a copy at home)  Pages 4-12, 306-307

ü      Everyday Mathematics Student Math Journal  Pages 1-28

ü      Study Links (homework assignments)

ü      Vocabulary Definitions (assignment)

ü      Riddle Pages (assignments)

ü      Handouts as Reference (these were for you to keep in the math section of your binder):

·         “Rules of Divisibility”

·         “Prime Numbers”

·         “Square Numbers”

·         “Learn Prime Factorization”