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13 Original ColoniesTeaching Project


13 Colonies Project

13 Original Colonies Teaching Project

Garner 5th Grade 2004


Name of Colony  _________________ Teaching Partner (s)  __________________


Summary of Activity:

            This colony teaching project is a chance for students to work in small learning groups to prepare a class presentation about one of the 13 original English colonies. Students will take on the role of teacher in the classroom for one hour. With their partner(s) they should first research their assigned colony and then plan and prepare appropriate learning activities to present to the class. Students must also form a discipline plan to use while teaching. At the end of the presentation the “teachers” will administer a 10-question quiz about the colony to test students’ knowledge of the information presented. Presentations will be scheduled during November 19-24, 2004.


Step One:         Research your colony. Learn as much as you can about the history of your colony. Identify reasons the colonist came to the colony. Learn about colonial life in your colony. Study the important leaders and individuals from your colony. Learn about how people made a living and what products your colony produced. Try to identify the relationship your colonists had with the Native Americans in your colony.


Step Two:        Plan and prepare appropriate learning activities to do with the class for 60 minutes to teach them about your colony. One of the activities must include an in-class reading assignment. Other activities might include a PowerPoint presentation, webquest, worksheets, lecture and note taking, thinking maps, group activities, learning games, charts, graphs, maps etc. Student may also wish to dress up as historical figures from their colony or simply wear colonial or professional attire. This is optional! Colonial costumes should not detract from the presentation.


Step Three:       Prepare a behavior plan for your hour of teaching. You need rules/consequences, and a quiet signal. Rewards are optional and must be manageable.


Step Four:        Prepare a 10-question quiz about your colony. This will be given by you during the last 15 minutes of your presentation. The quiz may be true/false, multiple choice, matching, short answer, or fill in the blank.


Step Five:         Grade all assignments and quizzes given and record them on a grade sheet. Average these grades including a behavior grade and turn in the grade sheet to Mrs. Garner the day after your presentation.


Resources:        Social studies textbook, colony library books passed out in class, Internet, encyclopedias etc.



            Hopefully students will enjoy researching and presenting information about “their” colony. Students will be graded on their presentations and on how well they listened and participated during all the presentations.